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Racha -the geographical area of Georgia is located in the north-eastern part of West Georgia. Racha is divided into three parts -mountain, lower and upper Racha. All of them are particularly important.
A lot of natural, architectural and cultural monuments are located on the territory of Racha. The most important monuments are:


A National Monument of Georgia, and an example of medieval Georgian architecture, is located in the village of the same name. The church was built between 1010-1014.


The Church of the Mother of God, one of the last considerable monuments built in the style of medieval Georgian architecture was built in 1453.


The Medieval fortress near the village Tsesi (Ambrolauri District).

Shaori Reservoir

Shaori Lake, rich in flora and fauna, rivers, waterfalls, dense woods and healing springs. Due to its unique climate, Shaori is an excellent summer resort, with fresh air and a pristine lake. In winter, plateaus of high mountains turn Shaori into attractive winter resort.


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