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Khvanchkara is a single estate semi-sweet Georgian red wine made from unique aborigine varietals “Aleksandrouli” and “Mujuretuli” produced at Khvanchkara Winery according to the ancient traditions. It exhibits a deep ruby colour, aromatic noise and complex structure. It is the “Pearl” among the Georgian wines
Georgia, Region Ambrolauri, Village Khvanchkara. Ltd “Khvanchkara”
Alc. 12%
750 ml.
Sugar. 42gr/dm3


The dry red wine, Aleksandrouli, is known as dry Khvanchkara. Aleksandrouli is produced with a unique fermentation process from the grape varieties of Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli which are cultivated in west Georgia, in the region of Racha. Aleksandrouli is full bodied and complex with a pleasant aroma of raspberries and cherry. It is recommended to drink Aleksandrouli with meats and game.
Alc. 12%
750 ml.
Sugar. 42gr/dm3

Alazani Valley

Kindzmarauli Saperavi Rose

A naturally semi-sweet red wine, Alazani Valley, is made from the Saperavi grape variety, cultivated in the region of Kakheti. It exhibits a bright ruby color and fresh fruit aromas of cherries and blackberries.

An appellation-controlled naturally semi-sweet red wine, Kindzmarauli, is made from Saperavi grape variety, grown in Kvareli, Kindzmarauli micro-zone of the Kakheti region in eastern Georgia. This deeply ruby colored wine boasts an intense, juicy attack with flavors of wild berries and dark chocolate.

The dry, rich, red wine, Saperavi, is made from the Saperavi grape variety, grown in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia. A powerfully, deeply-colored wine, expresses deep tones of ripe cherries and dark chocolate. .

The semi-dry wine, Rose, is made from Saperavi and Rkatsiteli grape varieties, which are cultivated in east Georgia. The wine exhibits a brilliant rose color, with the ripe yellow fruity tones.

Alazani Valley

Tsitska Rkatsiteli Tsinandali

A naturally semi-sweet white wine, Alazani Valley, is made from a blend of Rkatsiteli,Kakhuri Mtsvane, Kisi and Khikhvi grape varieties, all cultivated in the region of Kakheti. This delightful, straw-colored wine exhibits aromas of wild flowers and ripe fruits.

The dry white wine, Tsitska, is made from Tsitska grape variety, which is cultivated in west Georgia. It exhibits a pale straw color, this delicate wine has flavor of note aromas of citrus and mountain flowers. These delightful flavors also lift the palate, joined with soft, pleasant sourness

The dry white wine, Rkatsiteli, is made from the Rkatsiteli grape variety and is cultivated in the region of Kakheti, in eastern Georgia. The wine has a pale straw color, with a subtle sent of apricots and honey.

An appellation-controlled dry white wine, Tsinandali, is made from Rkatsiteli and Kakhuri Mtsvane grape varieties grown in the Tsinandali micro-zone, located in the east Georgian region of Kakheti. The wine is characterized by pale straw color, aromas and flavors of rich yellow fruits and citrus

The exclusive geographical location of the Khvanchkara micro-zone, as well as its soil which sits at the valley surrounded with plateaus rocks at the down slope to the river Rioni, and the original technology of winemaking define the special features of "Khvanchkara"Wine.
With the condition of the present market economy, the governmental regulation of Georgian wines and their names, the main goal of our Company is to introduce our famous "Khvanchkara" wine to the foreign market, and to the Georgian market as well. Our wine is bottled in our exclusive black glass, which is produced for our company solely in The Czech Republic. Due to the outstanding design of the bottles, "Khvanchkara" wine, manufactured by "Khvanchkara" Ltd, can be easily distinguished from products of other manufacturers and prevent falsification.
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