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"Khvanchkara production" was started by the Georgian Noble, Dimitri Kipiani in the 1880s. He made perfect demi-doux (semi-sweet) red wine from Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli unique grape varieties by the incomplete fermentation method. It was called "The Kipiani Wine".

Akaki Tsereteli and
Dimitri Kipiani

In 1907Dimitri Kipiani sent his wine to the city of Osten in Belgium, where the European Wine Festival was being held. To everyone's surprise, The Kipiani Wine was granted the Gold Grand Prize, which is kept at the Georgian National Museum today. This was a great victory for Georgian wine making and personally, for Prince Kipiani.

The Unique features of this wine can be found in Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grape varieties, as well as in fermentation bacteria, which exist only in the micro-zone of the village Khvanchkara, and during the fermentation process, which gives the piquant bouquet to the wine that distinguishes Khvanchkara from all other wines.


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